Heaven Really Is A Place On Earth

Heaven Really Is A Place On Earth

When people say Thailand is beautiful, they’re not kidding. In fact, I’m not sure beautiful is the right adjective. It is outstanding, heavenly, stunning, amazing, literally perfect in so many ways.

I have finally made it to the islands. Utterly breathtaking. Yesterday was a bit stressful after my plane was diverted to Phuket as apparently Krabi airport was closed. Luckily, I had walked 4 miles in the airport while waiting for the first plane. There was no chance of walking anywhere before the second plane .. the airport was tiny, cramped & boiling .. like torture knowing how epic the weather was outside.

In typical Thai style, there was no explanation as to why the airport was closed or any hint when we would get to our final destination. I’m learning however, that getting stressed won’t change the situation. It is what it is, whether I go mental or get pissed or cry or moan. It just won’t change a thing.

Luckily, I met some great people from Vancouver in Canada .. Tom, Dennis, Laury & Debbie .. this blog is for you .. and Debbie, you don’t need to phone the Embassy! I’m safe! They kindly lent me their charger to charge my phone and also let me share their cab to our final destination .. thanks guys, you rock! Not you though Tom 😂

We eventually landed in Krabi after dark & negotiated a rate to get to our hotels. The Canadians were dropped off first and I was left alone. I think thoughts of ‘I hope I’ll be ok’ & ‘let’s hope he knows where he’s going’ will always occur as a girl, irrelevant of where I am or where I’m going, but he was so miserable, I knew I’d be ok.

After trying to drop me at two random hotels (he refused to look at my map or my instructions in Thai of where we going), I eventually made it, tired and a little deflated. I guess, like life, travelling isn’t always quite the dream you’d like it to be ..

After drawing breath, having a word with myself & assessing my new surroundings, I ventured out of the hotel. It was very quiet with only the sound of the waves crashing to the shore. I had a brief thought of ‘I wish it was a bit more lively than this’ and was quite pleased to find that there is still a glimmer of sociable Sober Fish in there somewhere! I carried on walking towards some lights and eventually found the ‘action’ .. a cluster of cute little beach bars, music playing & people chilling, and realised I’d stumbled upon a little gem of an area in Krabi. I had my standard coconut milkshake & chicken & cashew nuts to die for before heading to bed, excited about tomorrow and what this place would look like in the daylight.

After another fantastic nights sleep .. it’s all about the air con and the ear plugs and the mosquito bracelets .. only 1 bite so far .. I woke up with excitement to see outside. The sun was just coming up and I could see the sea from my balcony. It was stunning.

After yesterday’s waste of a day and the amount of travelling I’ve done since I’ve arrived, I’ve now made the decision to go to Koh Lanta tomorrow and stay there for 5 days rather than keep moving. I want to go on boat trips & enjoy the sun rather than continually packing up my case & wasting valuable time. Oh and to all those who said pack light, I hear ya. Next time, I’ll listen.

Today is about being lazy. I’m on the beach with my book & finally in my bikini, soaking up the rays. The sea is as clear as, warm like a bath. There is a slight breeze and I’m in my happy place.

I really couldn’t wish to be anywhere better. It really is Heaven.


(Sober) Life at the Lodge

(Sober) Life at the Lodge

I’ve always been a believer of what goes around comes around, that good energy brings good things. Before Soberdom, I was stuck in a rut of negative things that were literally bleeding me dry of goodness. 

Now, I am positive and so is the life around me. I’m still amazed at how removing just one component (alcohol) can have such a massive effect on absolutely everything in my life. 

One of the loveliest things that has happened to me since becoming sober, is being given the opportunity to stay in one of the new beach lodges on Bournemouth Beach. Launched earlier this year, they provide good quality accommodation directly onto the beach, with outstanding sea views and facilities. As I write, I am listening to the waves crash on the shore whilst wrapped up in a comfy duvet.

If I’m honest, I was quite sceptical beforehand. I live down the road so couldn’t really understand the advantages of staying in a glorified shed? I’m not the best camper in the world and wrongly imagined it would be on par, with nightly loo visits to the public block on the beach.

How wrong could someone be? Upon arrival, I was immediately struck by the view. The lodges are literally on the beach with panoramic views overlooking Bournemouth to the right and Hengitsbury Head to the left. On a clear day, you can also see the Isle of Wight in the distance. I have been blessed with good weather but even on a rainy day, it would be heaven to sit inside with the heating on and watch the world go by.

The lodges are fully equipped. By this, I mean a proper toilet, shower, hot water and heating. They feel like a mix between being on a boat and in a luxury caravan. The folding doors onto the veranda open up fully so you have the feeling of inside being out and vice versa. There is a fridge and cooking facilities .. everything you need to hole yourself up for the weekend … and never leave again. That’s my intention anyway.

I have thought about drinking a lot this weekend. The sunshine and being away from home are definite triggers for me, plus being surrounded by other hut goers sipping on Prosecco and beers. I just know that if I had been drinking, I wouldn’t have appreciated this treat as much as I am loving it sober. From grabbing an early night listening to the sea, to waking up at 5am to watch the sunrise .. these things are far more precious than lazing around feeling awful. It’s days like this that assure me I am doing the right thing and remind me that life is for living, not just for drinking.