Things I have learnt #5months

Things I have learnt #5months

– Alcohol made me cry 

– Strangers are wonderful

– Sober isn’t boring

– Blossom is beautiful

– Sunshine is beautiful 

– I am beautiful

– Alcohol made me fat. Fact

– People love my story

– Slimming World actually works

– I don’t like parties

– I love Elderflower cordial

– Coffee is my friend

– You can’t have too many friends 

– Some people are toxic

– I’m not as argumentative as I thought 

– I have empathy. Fact 

– I am nice

– I have less chins

– I have more money

– Alcohol is evil

– I love sleeping properly every night

– I love writing 

– People love before & after shots

– I am a machine

– I don’t miss drinking

– I love inspiring people 

– I love being inspired

– Alcohol = chaos

– I love Podcasts

– I love memes

– Video blogs are HARD

– There needs to be more help for alcohol recovery

– I might run for Prime Minister

– Sleep is the nuts

– A little kindness can go a long way

– There are lots of hours in just one day 

– I have more energy 

– I actually quite like myself 

– Alcohol was not my friend 

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